What Gluten Free Really Means

This is really great. 

This is a pretty concise and entertaining explanation, super easy to pass along to family and friends when you’re first diagnosed with Celiac and they haven’t the faintest idea what being gluten free actually means.



Michael Pollan’s Food Rules by Marija Jacimovic

Paraphrased from Food Rules:

Recent studies have show that organic produces 182% of the yield of industrial food production in the developing world. So if the developing world were to adopt organic production, they would have a MUCH greater food/energy yield than with their current practices.


It was a pleasure to cook with Studiofeast this past Sunday for their 2nd “Studiofeast Sunday.”  These are small intimate events that pack a big gustatory punch.  Our lovely hosts, Brian Quinn and Jessica Lawrence opened their home and Brian mixed killer cocktails and paired wines with aplomb.

Check out this menu:

  1. Lobster, Burrata, Green Apple, Micro Arugula
  2. Winter Vegetable, Bagna Cauda, Chili
  3. Split Pea, Bacon, Creme Fraiche, Miso Toast
  4. 72 Hr Short Rib, White Bean, Fennel, Carrot
  5. Zeppole, Sichuan Pepper Hot Chocolate, Fig

This was every bit as good as it looks.


Do you have a soft spot for Texas?  A hankering to be a part of a film project documenting cowboys, photographers, and filmmakers as they ride (on horseback!) the famous Chisholm Trail, placing historical markers along the way?  Then let’s help make this project happen. 

They need help fundraising, so if you have connections in Texas/the fundraising world, or if you want to make a donation yourself, let them know.

Brief explanation here:

With a small team of cowboys and documentary filmmakers, we plan to ride the 400 miles north from San Antonio to Red River Station, just outside of Nocona, Texas, documenting the rich history along the way. We will be working with local historians, county sheriff departments, and the Brazos, Hill Country, and Independence Trail branches of the Texas Heritage Trails Program to trace the original route, and tell as much of the story of the Chisholm Trail as we can.

– from the Chisholm Trail Ride


Chisholm Trail Ride (by icopythat)

I am going to be riding horseback 400 miles along the Chisholm Trail in Texas traveling with Tyler Sharp, who I met at Phoot Camp

We are trying to generate interest in the trail and help it become a National Historic Trail, place markers along the trail, and create a documentary of the entire process. 

We need funds. Kickstarter is where the cool kids hang out, but we would like the donors to also get a tax deduction, which means indie gogo. Has anyone had to choose? Any other ideas on how to raise money? What are your thoughts?


Shamus Jones, founder of Brooklyn Brine, shows us how these certified badass “pickle nerds” churn out 600-1000 jars of pickles per day.  

When I first met Shamus they were pickling in a restaurant kitchen in the wee hours of the morning, amazing to see how far they’ve come!

My favorite Brooklyn Brine creation are the Fennel Beet pickles, but the new Maple Bourbon Bread and Butter just might come a close second.