Asparagus — we’re sweet on you.

Read more: Patricia Wells’ Asparagus Braised with Fresh Rosemary and Bay Leaves on Food52.

Luckily, in Los Angeles we have a MUCH longer Asparagus season, so that we may revel in the glory that is this divine vegetable for nearly as long as we want.



Goodnight Hollywood. #sunsetsandpets (at The Grove)

Attention Tumblrs I have moved to California!

And yes while it was bittersweet to leave my Brooklyn kitchen and my usual food haunts, there is SO much to explore in Los Angeles.

Did I mention that LA is a gluten-free paradise? Everyone is so health conscious here that it’s not nearly as difficult to find celiac-friendly fare wherever one goes. It’s pretty inspiring to have a bounty of options (don’t even get me started on the glory that is an LA farmers market) at my fingertips, I’ve been re-energized to really cook again.

So here’s to a new year, a new home, and everything that LA and 2014 want to throw at me, because I am so ready.