This very well-done article highlights many of the stiff challenges we have securing a food system that can be sustainable amongst rapid climate changes while not further destroying the environment especially our threatened water supply.  It also points out that biotechnology is not a bad science, rather that we have to get that science away from the bad guys so scientists can use it to feed a growing population.

An absolute must-read to understand the basis of the growing global food security situation.


Young Food Entreprenuers Make Their Future By Hand


Nice write-up about the Greenpoint Food Market “a real incubator for those that want to take the next step,” in today’s Dining & Wine section of the NYTimes.  Congratulations to Joann for all of her tireless work and hopefully the new food vendor restrictions won’t cramp our style!

Oh, if you watch closely you can see me fanning myself near the 1:01 mark on the video!

Another in memoriam.

Young Food Entreprenuers Make Their Future By Hand