Young Food Entreprenuers Make Their Future By Hand


Nice write-up about the Greenpoint Food Market “a real incubator for those that want to take the next step,” in today’s Dining & Wine section of the NYTimes.  Congratulations to Joann for all of her tireless work and hopefully the new food vendor restrictions won’t cramp our style!

Oh, if you watch closely you can see me fanning myself near the 1:01 mark on the video!

Another in memoriam.

Young Food Entreprenuers Make Their Future By Hand



Another Saturday at the Greenpoint Food Market! I went with a mini-theme this time: mini chocolate cupcakes with mocha liqueur frosting (I’m seriously digging this whole alcohol in frosting thing), mini lemon raspberry muffins, and black ‘n white cookies..for which I of course made mini samples.

After two days of baking, and a whole day of sampling, I needed a serious departure from sugar, Five Leaves blue points were the perfect way to end the day.

In memoriam.

P&H Soda Co. on Martha Stewart!

Congratulations to my friend Anton Nocito of P&H Soda Co. for not only appearing on Martha Stewart, but teaching her how to make cream soda!

If you haven’t already tried Anton’s artisanal soda syrups they are available at Brooklyn Farmacy, Kill Devil HillBrooklyn Kitchen (he’s teaching a soda syrup class on January 11th), and the list goes on and on.

I would like to give my utmost thank you to Joann Kim of the Greenpoint Food Market for introducing me to all of the wonderfully talented people of the GFM, I’m so proud of everyone!

Brooklyn Based

The Greenpoint Food Market got a shout-out in this week’s Brooklyn Based Tip Sheet:

Park Picnic
This weekend’s
Greenpoint Food Market boasts a whopping 47 local food vendors. We’re especially excited to try Masala Loca’s Indian-Mexican tacos. Grab your nibblies and head across the street to McGolrick Park for an afternoon picnic! Noon-5pm at the Church of the Messiah, 129 Russell Street.

Which clearly means that everyone, who’s anyone is going to be there! 😉

Vendor Blender

Guess what readers?  You Can’t Eat Bread!?  is featured in this week’s Vendor Blender !

Read about my inspiration behind baking and stop by Saturday’s Greenpoint Food Market to sample (and buy!) my gluten-free treats.

Gluten-free market goers get excited!!!  This Saturday I will be featuring herbed crackers and bread so now we can sample the wares of the other vendors that we’d previously been unable to.  Stop by my table to stock up and then go scoop up the delicious wares of DP Chutney Collective and Anarchy in a Jar on my gluten-free crackers!

I will also be selling banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting, they are to. die. for.

See you Saturday!

Spring Awakening April 10th at the GFM!

 Hello All, long-time-no-blog! 

Yes, I’ve been remiss in gluten-free goodie posting, but I’m back in action!

To start the Spring off right, please stop by the Greenpoint Food Market at the Church of the Messiah 129 Russell Street (btwn Nassua and Driggs) on April 10th to get your fill of the local food talent and my gluten-free cupcakes that you all know and love.  

In honor of Spring I will be making ginger-lime cupcakes with coconut frosting, peanutbutter n’ jelly sammich cookies, and alfajores

Spring has Sprung!