Spring Awakening April 10th at the GFM!

 Hello All, long-time-no-blog! 

Yes, I’ve been remiss in gluten-free goodie posting, but I’m back in action!

To start the Spring off right, please stop by the Greenpoint Food Market at the Church of the Messiah 129 Russell Street (btwn Nassua and Driggs) on April 10th to get your fill of the local food talent and my gluten-free cupcakes that you all know and love.  

In honor of Spring I will be making ginger-lime cupcakes with coconut frosting, peanutbutter n’ jelly sammich cookies, and alfajores

Spring has Sprung!

mini fetish


People prefer the mini version of anything.  Mini Coopers, mini people (TLC will not stop showing World’s Smallest Children), mini quiche etc.  So for yesterday’s Greenpoint Food Market I decided to capitalize on the mini fetish.  Maybe it’s that one thinks they’re consuming less calories, or maybe it’s just that satisfaction of disregarding utensils (you know forks just get in the way) and popping that bite size dessert in your mouth.  Regardless, I’m definitely devoting more baking time to mini goodies.

For this go-around I made black and white cookies, mini chocolate cupcakes with mocha liqueur frosting, and mini lemon raspberry muffins.  Learning my lesson from the first GFM I made sample-size versions of everything (including mini black ‘n whites) so I wasn’t  constantly cutting up the larger versions.  All-in-all though the market was much smaller than the launch a few weeks ago, I met some amazing people and got the word out about my gluten-free goodies..

Thank you to all the lovely friends and patrons that came out to support this DIY venture!

GFM Redux!

My first round at the Greenpoint Food Market was such a success! 

You Can’t Eat Bread!? featured: peach cupcakes with bourbon creamcheese icing (definitely the best-seller), zucchnini & pineapple cake with walnut cream icing, fig & plum cake,and salted white chocolate oatmeal cookies.    IMG_1126

Word got out quickly that gluten-free goodies were at the market and I soon had Brooklynites coming in requesting my baked goods! I was so flattered and excited to be able to make fellow gluten-free market patrons happy.  I was equally happy to have such a good response from patrons without a gluten intolerance.


Much to my delight, my friends, ever the supportive group, stopped by to sample my wares and peruse the other amazing vendors at the GFM.

So…here goes round 2!  This Saturday I will again be serving up gluten-free goodies at the GFM from 12-6pm at the Church of Messiah located at 129 Russell St. between Nassau & Driggs.

Teaser: I’m on a chocolate kick right now…so you can at least expect to see chocolate cupcakes with a mocha liqueur icing and….Black & White cookies!!!

Greenpoint Food Market Launch!

Greenpoint Food Market

Greenpoint Food Market

I am so excited to be taking part in the Greenpoint Food Market (GFM)!

The launch is this Saturday from 12-6pm.

Place: Lutheran Church of Messiah 129 Russell Street btwn Nassau & Driggs

To quote Joann Kim, the creater of this fantastic market, the: “GFM hopes to be a support system for explorative amateur chefs and gourmands wishing to share their goods with the community and maybe even make a buck or two along the way. GFM is all about community involvement and gastronomical gratification, bringing folks together through food appreciation.”

I will be selling gluten-free baked goods, peach cupcakes and zucchini & pineapple cake are on the menu as well as a few other items.  Please come to peruse the local vendors, enjoy live music, and view food-based artwork.