GFM Redux!

My first round at the Greenpoint Food Market was such a success! 

You Can’t Eat Bread!? featured: peach cupcakes with bourbon creamcheese icing (definitely the best-seller), zucchnini & pineapple cake with walnut cream icing, fig & plum cake,and salted white chocolate oatmeal cookies.    IMG_1126

Word got out quickly that gluten-free goodies were at the market and I soon had Brooklynites coming in requesting my baked goods! I was so flattered and excited to be able to make fellow gluten-free market patrons happy.  I was equally happy to have such a good response from patrons without a gluten intolerance.


Much to my delight, my friends, ever the supportive group, stopped by to sample my wares and peruse the other amazing vendors at the GFM.

So…here goes round 2!  This Saturday I will again be serving up gluten-free goodies at the GFM from 12-6pm at the Church of Messiah located at 129 Russell St. between Nassau & Driggs.

Teaser: I’m on a chocolate kick right now…so you can at least expect to see chocolate cupcakes with a mocha liqueur icing and….Black & White cookies!!!

2 thoughts on “GFM Redux!

  1. Bree Dahl says:

    My husband had a zucchini cake made for my birthday by you. IT WAS DELICIOUS!! Everyone loved it and couldn’t believe that it was gluten free. Thanks so much and thanks for the recipe.

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