I’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately — Monday through Friday, anyway. I’ve done the puree diet a couple times over the past month and will do it again next week. This week my breakfast/morning snacks are kale/beet/apple juice, two six-minute eggs and a cup of berries, lunch is a Think Thin bar (peanut butter), and dinner is a lean protein with vegetables. 

Case in point: tonight Laura came over for a little Metamorphosis by Tracy and dinner. The Tracy-approved menu: turkey burger with half an avocado and an oil-free salad with a drizzle of lemon juice and freshly-ground black pepper. The turkey burger was flavored with minced spring onion, garlic, and parsley — and an egg and a bit of salt (shh, don’t tell Tracy!). It was totally delicious and satisfying (it helps to enjoy it while sipping a glass of Tracy-approved (!) wine and sitting on a breezy terrace with a dear friend). 

Then we had a discussion about how the massive high-fructose corn syrup content in fast/junk food has rewired the American brain to crave sweetness like never before.

I will say this for Tracy’s various diets: she’s curbed my sugar addiction, and that’s not a bad thing.

Nora never fails to impress. Gorgeous plating of a delicious (and nutritious!) meal post intense workout was just what the doctor ordered for Hump Day. I will surely be replicating this meal again.



how to eat well.

marion nestle posted some of the army’s nutrition guidelines from 1861 on her blog. it sounds like the sage advice of bon vivants rather than any sullen military diet! not much has changed since then (except of course, the invention of junk food). read them here.

A variety of foods are needed to avoid monotony and increase assimilation.” – Dr. John Ordonaux



Behold (and try not to vomit)…

The #1 Most Harmful Beverage in America from the popular mall favorite Cold Stone Creamery, or as Aziz Ansari so deftly puts it: “the epitome of american excess and american greed”

Cold Stone PB&C (Gotta Have It size, 24 fl oz)

2,010 calories
131 g fat (68 g saturated)
153 g sugars

Sugar Equivalent: 30 Chewy Chips Ahoy Cookies

In terms of saturated fat, drinking this Cold Stone catastrophe is like slurping up 68 strips of bacon. Health experts recommend capping your saturated fat intake at about 20 grams per day, yet this beverage packs more than three times that into a cup the size of a Chipotle burrito. But here’s what’s worse: No regular shake at Cold Stone, no matter what the size, has fewer than 1,000 calories. If you must drink your ice cream, make it one of the creamery’s “Sinless” options. Otherwise you’d better plan on buying some bigger pants on the way home.

I couldn’t even get a small.  the sizes are like it, love it, and gotta have it?  What kind of crackhead terminology is that? – Aziz Ansari

think before you drink.