A month ago we invited you to our first conversation at the BMW Guggenheim Lab for discussion about a luxury the developed world takes for granted: water. It is with great pride that we host this dialogue again this upcoming Thursday, 1 September

Over the course of an hour, I will be speaking about hydrocolloids, a group of modern culinary ingredients that work through the manipulation of water. Their use, origin and properties will be reviewed as well as the techniques required to use these products.   

These ingredients will be used to create metaphorical examples of water scarcity and potability around the world: a series of culinary info-graphics or edible data visualization to express data that we have organized from the world’s preeminent experts.

For more information and to reserve seats:
Volunteers:We are asking for two types of volunteers for this event. For both positions ask that you arrive at the Labs space at 12pm. 
Culinary Volunteer: You will help us prepare our hydrocolloids and serve them to the guests in attendence.
Video Volunteer: You will assist us to capture the set-up and execution of this speech to create a video for the Guggenheim Labs website.

I had a wonderful time volunteering for this innovative collaboration between my friends at A Razor, A Shiny Knife and the BMW Guggenheim lab (“a mobile laboratory traveling around the world to inspire innovative ideas for urban life”).  Above in my hand I hold a sphere of water made with sodium alginate, the viscosity of which was used as a metaphor to represent the scarcity of potable water in Somalia.  I highly suggest volunteering or attending the encore of this presentation on Thursday, September 1st at 1pm.

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