Starting to feel like ninety one thousand damn degrees outside? We got you. Chill the fuck out with a big ass cup of this tropical treat. All you need are five fucking ingredients and a blender. You should be able to handle that shit even if it feels like the world is melting.


Makes about 1 ½ pints, enough for 2-3 sweaty motherfuckers

3 cups of frozen pineapple*

1 frozen banana, broken into chunks

1 ½ cups canned coconut milk

1 tablespoon liquid sweetener like agave or maple syrup, whatever you got

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

Throw everything in a blender and run that shit until it’s all smooth. Pour it into a loaf pan or similar shaped container and smooth it all around so it’s even. Don’t go freezing some uneven chunky bullshit and waste everybody’s time.

Cover and place in the motherfucking freezer until it is nice and solid, at least 5 hours depending on how shitty your freezer is. You know what the fuck you should do with ice cream after that. This is best eaten the first day or two after it’s made because it can get harder to scoop the longer it sits. But no doubt you or your roommates will get after it long before then. 

*about one 16 ounce bag

Paleo Ice Cream.

Why Tempering Chocolate is Difficult, and How We Found an Easier Shortcut



Good chocolate right out of the wrapper has an attractive sheen and a satisfying snap when you break it in two. But if you melt the chocolate to use as a coating or for drizzling and try to use it immediately, it will set up into a soft, blotchy, dull-looking mess that melts on your fingers. Why the difference?

Fantastic video. I HATE tempering chocolate so this will hopefully make that task much more enjoyable.

Cucumber-Peanut Salad


I normally use nam phrik phao, a Thai roasted chili paste, as a condiment for rice and noodles but I thought I would try to do something interesting with it by using it as an ingredient for a dressing. In order to come up with a salad idea that would compliment the dressing, I started thinking about the flavors and key ingredients in Thai cuisine.


This salad is made with cucumbers, red onions, peanuts, some chopped cilantro, and of course, the Thai chili paste dressing.


The nutty warmth of the dressing’s toasted sesame oil pairs nicely with the salty harshness of the fish sauce and the sweet heat from the nam phrik phao.

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Posted as I need to make this immediately.



I always tell the guests that tomatoes are like Santa Claus, they don’t come but once and year so take it and be thankful.” – Gardener John

(photos from thomas photography)

Currently having a passionate love affair with my tomato plants. 



The real question is, why aren’t you drinking watermelon right now?

No, really, why AREN’T you?



Put away your measuring spoons and become a master of estimation when you cook.

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This is exceedingly useful.