‘Food raves’ are the future of eating, new report claims 

Leave it an organization that pretentiously calls itself the “The Future Laboratory” to come up the term “food raves” to describe what have been known for generations as  ”potlucks” and “having people over for dinner” and “street fairs.” And they are way behind on their prediction that nostalgic packaging and old recipes will see a revival. Where the hell have they been for the past 5 years?

That said, the social networking side is mildly interesting — though again, they’re late on it. I met all my supper club friends through Tumblr — three and a half years ago. (I really resent the fact that people get paid to predict trends, and so anemically at that.)

But I do like Tom’s point, below, about communal kitchens. 


An expansion of the Supper Club concept, social eating and sharing is integral to reintroducing food as not just a chore to be done quickly, in solitude and without enjoyment.  When we share food and eat socially, we by extension eat slower, healthier and improve our mental health while improving our physical selves as well.

I’d love to see venues that catered to this trend; open kitchen spaces where people could easily congregate, cook and eat together.  This is especially important in large urban areas where the premium value on space makes urban agriculture and social eating more difficult that it needs to be.  If we can have Community Gardens, why can’t we have Community Kitchen?

I agree with Nora, on both points.

Communal kitchens? Great idea. Promoting community involvement, building social capital, and making great food together, I couldn’t be more excited about this. 

But more so the point that she made about people getting paid to predict trends. If it’s your JOB to predict trends, the lease you could do is a little background research and make sure your not printing yesterday’s 2-year old news.

Also, “new Nordic naturalism,” seriously?

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