I can’t wait to cook off the books this week, do that kind of thing summer junkies like me live for, heading to one of the innumerable local markets, grabbing all of the corn, eggplant and tomatoes our large and tiny arms can haul and eating simple meals.

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The only thing on my mind for this long Labor Day Weekend.


We have a history of, you know, first we eat only grapefruits. Then we decide that eggs are terrible for us, and now eggs are good for us. … We go back and forth all the time, and there’s always some diet craze that’s on the best-seller list. I can’t remember a time in my lifetime when there wasn’t some diet that everybody was saying: ‘You have to eat this.’ They always go away, and they get replaced with something else. But sensible people still have to eat and cook, and I personally think that a world with no carbohydrates is a pretty sad place.

Ruth Reichl on dieting. [complete Ruth Reichl interview on Fresh Air here] (via nprfreshair)

Sweetener, sweetener, fat, salt, sweeteners. The fact is the American diet is sweetest diet in the world and it is the sweetness in the diet that drives wanting…


Former F.D.A. commissioner, David Kessler describing the ingredients in McDonald’s Caramel Dip served with apple sticks in their “healthier” Happy Meals.

Kessler talks to Here and Now’s Robin Young about how the fast food industry has rewired our brain circuitry with cues (caramel sauce, whipped cream, all those extra unnecessary add-ons) which stimulate the WANT for those foods regardless of hunger-level. These cues create anticipation for the flavor and experience of eating those high-fat, high-sugar foods. Eating said foods reinforces the desire to eat more, regardless of satiety, perpetuating a vicious feedback loop.

By taking a perfectly good apple, and introducing a caramel dipping sauce, McDonalds has in effect changed our relationship with fruit. The apple is now a delivery system for the highly addictive, excessively sweet caramel sauce.

“In essence what we’ve done is to take good food, apples, and make them super-stimulants.”