Pete’s Egg Creams Bring All the Boys to the Yard



Egg creams are totally overrated even if Daniel Humm sends someone to make one for you tableside. I was all, jeez, old-timey Brooklyn, did you not know about milkshakes?

I’d be willing to bet that Chef Humm (Eleven Madison Parkstole this idea was inspired by Petey’s egg cream cart at the Michelin party last fall. 

(And, uh, a milkshake’s a milkshake and an egg cream and an egg cream. Diff’rent strokes yo.)

Nice catch Nora.  If you happened not to be at the Michelin party, and you want to sample Pete’s egg creams while twirling on an antique barstool, head on down to the Brooklyn Farmacy, you won’t regret it.