Working on my Green Thumb

I moved from NYC to Los Angeles back in November (’13) with visions of the epic vegetable garden I was going to plant, how the abundant sunshine would make my veggies flourish, and how the warm climate would give me nearly a year-round growing season. 9 months later I now know that gardens don’t just grow on trees in Southern California.  What we have in sunshine we lack in water, what we have in warmth we lack in humidity, having so little moisture in the air can reek havoc on baby plants. With a lot of TLC, and a drip irrigation system on a timer, I’ve managed to keep most of my plants alive (sorry cucumbers, maybe next year?) and be pretty darn responsible when it comes to water consumption.

I’ll get more in depth in future posts about specific issues and successes I’ve had, this just an introduction into my LA garden and my amateur green thumb antics.

First Crop

Tomato Trellis

Basil & Cilantro


What will be red peppers



4 months in


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