Bellevue Evacuated


Please take a few minutes to read one physician’s experience from last week’s evacuation at Bellevue Hospital.  I am so proud of my department (Psychiatry) and his description of 3 key players below brought tears to my eyes because I worked with all of them this past week and he hit it right on the money.

…the psychiatric administrators and staff worked furiously and tirelessly to get patients discharged or transferred, even before an official evacuation order came from the Mayor’s Office.  I remember seeing the head nurse of the psychiatric emergency room show up in a bright red dress, bright red lipstick, and a determined look on her face.  Everyone knew (more than even usual) to stay out of her way unless she had something for you to do.  I swear I saw Bellevue’s director of psychiatry every time I turned around, her demeanor somehow as sweet and openly caring as ever.  I worry that the pregnant director of consultation liaison psychiatry did not leave or even rest for days as she helped to coordinate the safe transfer of hundreds of patients who could not be safely discharged.

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As the storm raged outside, I sat in my relatively unscathed apartment and neighborhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn watching and reading in horror as one catastrophe after another fell upon the medical center where I had…

Be nice to people who work at Bellevue, things got worse than this.

Bellevue Evacuated

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