Our Food Is Not Just Entertainment, Paula Deen

Excellent piece in the HuffPo by my friend Cathy Erway [of (among other things) Not Eating Out in New York fame], on Paula Deen’s recent announcement of her three-year-old diabetes diagnosis.  I know it is asking Deen to live up to a higher moral standard than most, but when you are a public figure that makes a living demonstrating to millions your favored methods of cooking, and those methods are known to be of great detriment to your health as well as the health of the masses…you look like a fool to hide behind your network (and now pharmaceutical) sponsors instead of admitting that it’s time to make serious lifestyle changes.

I see a great missed opportunity for healthy food initiatives, organizations, and the general public in Deen’s failure to publicly recognize the errs of her gluttonous ways and perhaps partner with them instead. But that doesn’t mean it has to be everyone’s. It means we need more standing up in — okay, a reactionary — unison, and demanding good food in television and best-selling cookbooks as well as on the shelves.” – Cathy Erway

Our Food Is Not Just Entertainment, Paula Deen

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