Let’s Eat In – Episode 69 – NYC Dining Car

This week on Let’s Eat In, Cathy Erway is joined by Michael J Cirino of A Razor A Shiny Knife and Mike Lee of Studio Feast supper club. They talk about “NYC Dining Car”, the recent 6-course mobile gourmet meal served on the L train in New York City. Learn how they pulled off this haute cuisine performance piece and how reactions have been surprisingly overwhelming.

“Our main focus here isn’t to run a restaurant that’s just not in a restaurant, it’s to create performance and that performance is supposed to inspire people and evoke reaction. And I think if we use that as a barometer I think we wildly succeeded in this regard.  I think food does a fantastic job of being political even when it’s trying to be whimsical and comedic.” – Michael Cirino

Let’s Eat In – Episode 69 – NYC Dining Car

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