you can’t eat bread!?

It’s probably the most often heard phrase when you tell someone you’re gluten-free. 

Friend (horrified look on their face): “Wait…so…you can’t eat bread!?”

You (patient,  yet strained): “I can’t eat anything with gluten in it, so all regular bread, pasta, pizza, and baked goods.”

Friend: …silence…more horror….

Then you rush into the litany of what you can eat.  Quinoa! Rice! Corn!  Which to most does not seem as exciting or delicious as an honest to-goodness piece of sourdough toast or slice of chocolate cake.  But you know what?  It absolutely can be. 

When I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006 I was determined not to live the rest of my life only remembering how amazing that perfect peanut butter cookie tasted.  So I started reading gluten-free blogs, researching alternative baking options, and most of all, getting myself covered in gluten-free flour while experimenting in my kitchen.  As a result, I have a pretty firm cache of recipes tucked under my belt, and a lot of positive feedback from fellow celiacs who have sampled my gluten-free delectables.

So, welcome to my gluten-free blog!  I will be posting recipes, NYC based gluten-free events, relevant blogs, websites and media.

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